So many obstacles & trenches, need strength & the kindess of those around me

Submitted by Cara on 18 April, 2020

Heavy heart today, I'm sitting thinking how can all this be. My grandmothers cancer nightmare battle, resulting in 1/3 of her left lung being removed, but I still have faith. She is in recovery thank you God. My mum was made redundant, no savings but we had faith. I got blessed with a job opportunity, but that too got taken away. I still have faith, but we have nothing now. God I pray that you hear me today. I pray someone else can notice me crying out for help. We are struggling and we need help. But we have faith hope and love

God love us

Submitted by Simone Blanche on 28 March, 2020

Please pray for birthdays, Christmas. World Issues. Teachers. Well equipped for every good work. Finances. HEBREW. MINISTRY. WORK. LOVE. All things prayer for LORD GOD. JEHOVAH love You thanks.

Salvation for Stu

Submitted by Emi on 27 March, 2020

Please pray for Stu to find salvation. Pray he will find peace in our Lord, and a love and acceptance unlike any he has experienced before. Thank you.

God love us

Submitted by simone Blanche on 26 February, 2020

Please pray for the poor to be blessed and loved. LOVE .HEBREW. WORK. EDUCATION. MINISTRY. All thinigs prayer for. Thank you JEHOVAH love you.

Chad in Africa

Submitted by JONGHYUK LEE on 10 February, 2020

Would you please pray for Chad Republic? Located in Central Africa,2020 the highest mortality rate country in Africa needs your prayer. Devastated by past 40 years war,prolonged government is incompetent and ambiguous, Malnutrition caused by Lake Chad drought,deluging 530,400 refugees' their malnutrition/water shortage and vaccinations (446,100 from Nigeria,CAR,South Sudan,and 84,300 Chadian returns from war) have putted this country as the toughest in Africa in 2019 also with various disease indexes. Currently in Bokoro feeding center almost half of children death are concentrating Which led by country's superior 6.9 Fertality rate (Even superior among African countries) average 219 children under five years are dying everyday (10% before his/her first birthday, 17 out of 100 are dying before their fifth birthday). Life in refugee camps, a lot of of them already have lived 17 years there,at least eighteen thousand more children were kidnapped as child soldiers of armed groups ㅡmeantime,10 % people are acutely malnourished (which means facing dead) relief foods are run out by one week without three,drought caused eastern region currently have no water to supply them. Human rights,past 40 years war-tamed tendancy, given birth violence against women,rape and beating and violence against children; 30% girls before 15 years old suffer early marriages,40% women for female mutilations. Because of water shortages of Eastern district,women are fighting as lack of sources,epidemics caused by floods (Hepatitis,Miningitis) are spreading throughout the country. The most thing mind me was that there were small children under five years old getting blind by drinking muddy water and get cholera and measles and polio. Would you please pray for 1.Children under five years old struggling their lives with Pneumonia,Diarrheal diseases,Malaria,Malnutrition,Tuberculosis,Heart disease,HIV (Born with HIV). 2.960 thousand orphans 3.Refugee crisis (For no more Kidnapping,to distribute more food/water) 4.Women protection and Pregnant women : Safe childbirth, no more early marriages take place and no more female mutilation to perform 5.And epidemics caused by flood and drought : Cholera,hepatitis E,Diphtheria,Malaria,Measles,Meningitis,Polio which spread nation widely Thank you for your attention for children in Chad,شكرا جزيلا! Name : JONGHYUK LEE Address : 801,1603Dong,LH Samsong Apt.,Wonheung-dong,Deogyang-gu,Goyang-si,Gyeonggi-do,Korea Republic of

Sore left knee

Submitted by Darrel Smithstone on 13 January, 2020

Hi I was hoping that you could pray for healing for my very sore left knee which is making it very difficult to get around at the moment. Thank you in jesus name. Darrel.


Submitted by Elizabeth Sonntag on 3 January, 2020

My back and knee have "popped out". When this happens, I take more painkillers and drink

a lot more. My only source of exercise - golf

comes to a stop.

I am very lonely.

My memory, am unable to remember dates and activities that are booked. My family are very intolerant and annoyed at this.I have no clarity.

My granddaughter remains unwell but is still a happy little thing.

My daughter has found a breast lump and has a Dr's appointment today. My family has a

very high incidence of breast cancer. I pray that

It is not sinister.

That I find my forever home soon so that I can put my own stamp on it , instead of renting. I

need permancy.

Prayer Requests

Submitted by Paul Clark on 26 January, 2019

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